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The CUIDE Program was developed to address the problem of drugs among professionals and workers, supplying information, awareness and solutions of the presence, effects and losses due to their use inside and outside the workplace. The Program aims to identify, provide solutions to and treat the persons identified through its instruments to rehabilitate them and give them a new opportunity to return to work, community and family.

The CUIDE Program is staffed by health providers, including doctors, psychologists and therapists with long experience in the management and treatment of drug addiction and toxicology. They are qualified to provide the required means to attend to all the legislation and legal aspects in Brazil to establish a safe, productive and healthy drug-free corporate environment.

The CUIDE Program, in the 17 years of application, has been highly successful in decreasing the prevalence and incidence of drug use in the many companies it has been established. It is based on FIVE steps:

  • Implementation of company policy
  • Training of supervisors and managers
  • Provide drug information and awareness to personnel (workers)
  • Drug testing in oral fluid, urine and hair
  • Diagnosis and Treatment.

It is very important to emphasize that the CUIDE Program relies on and promotes privacy, confidentiality and anonymity of the patient.

The results of the Program, according to the corporations that have adopted it, point to a great over tenfold decrease in positivity rates, highly significant savings of more than seven times the amount invested in the Program, a marked improvement of safety records with the decrease of workplace accidents, less use of health services and a feeling of general wellbeing. The consequences of a solid, well-based Program are reflected in better productivity and increased profits. Last and most of all, the recovery, gratitude and commitment of the rehabilitated employee are beyond all expectations.

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